[Question] Tag browser in perspective - Ignition 8 beta

Hello, I am trying to make a user page in perspective.
To do it i normally use data from Tag browser/system/client/…
And just include in the main window.
Do you know how to do that with perspective?
I would like to make a label with the username for example.

Thanks in advance

Perspective does not use Client tags, as they’re a Vision concept. In Perspective, you would want to look at the Session Props (Click the gear icon located in the bottom left of the Main Design Panel, and the Session Properties should then be located in the Perspective Property Editor Panel), specifically SESSION PROPS.user.name, with one caveat: it’s not hooked-up yet.

Our authentication/permissions model is still in-progress, and we don’t expect the user.name property to be populated until we’ve fully fledged out what a “user” entails when it comes to Perspective.

For ANYTHING you did with Client tags in Vision, you should look at strategies for how those would work with Session Properties.

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