[Question] Upgrade path from 7.9 Mobile to 8.0 Perspective?

I’m just wondering what the upgrade path is going to be from 7.9 Mobile, to 8.0 Perspective? We have Total Care on our license. We currently use Mobile to serve our Ignition system to all of our desktops via a web browser, and have also started several projects that are designed for phone users and get served to iphone, and android devices. Are we covered, or are we going to have to buy additional perspective modules? Will there be a separate conversion program, or will the designer just create corresponding perspective screens when a project is published? Thanks.


Your license will get the Perspective Mobile version added to it automatically.

There are no conversion utilities between existing mobile projects and Perspective projects. You’ll have to stay on 7.9 and use the existing mobile module and projects until you can build equivalents in Perspective.

The old mobile module does not run on Ignition 8.0, unfortunately.