[Question] usage of custom property for tags and udt definition

I try yo understand how to use custom property for tags and udt definition.
Can we bind these kind of property ? what is the synthax ?
can we read them with script function ? what is the synthax ?

@Colby.Clegg , Any news about this feature ?

I’m wondering about this also

The syntax to read them should be accessible via right click -> copy tag path, but in essence it’s exactly the same as ‘standard’ tag properties. The same should be true for UDT related access - if you can read the parent tag, you should (in theory) be able to read any subproperties of it. At least, that’s my understanding of things. If you notice issues, post a thread there or file a ticket with support; when Lionel made this thread originally we were still in a semi-closed beta for 8.0.

That’s the odd part about it. I figured it was something along the lines of what you said, but I don’t see those properties show up in the tag browser to even copy the tag path. Using Edge 8.0.9. I originally was thinking we could use them in place of the parameters and bind them to save a step of clicking on the pencil icon to modify parameters.