[Question]Using History from a remote gateway

We are testing 8 by using the tags in our production gateway via a remote gateway. Values are coming over just fine. I would like to access history data as well. I am using a sparkline and it wants the path. I was assuming this was the tag path but this did not return any data. Is there a way to indicate I want the history data for a specific tag? Is this even possible right now?

I believe from the above question you are trying to store historical information on some remote tags that are coming from a 7.9 Remote Gateway as a remote tag provider. Unfortunately this functionality doesn’t exits yet, if you want to do this will have to do it on your remote Gateway.The functionality that you get when you are try to use tags from a remote Gateway is limited. To what your are able to do when you right click on the remote tags.

We may not be talking about the same thing. I want to access tag history on a remote gateway. I am not trying to store history on the 8 machine for tags provided by the remote gateway. The answer may still be the same but I want to make sure we are talking about apples.

Sparklines in particular and history bindings in general are something that’s not ironed out and going to be improved in the future. At the moment, I believe the sparkline expects a delimited string sequence, rather than reading a proper array - though don’t hold me to that.

I will wait… Thanks.