[Question] What Perspective components, scripts, binds, and transforms should I expect 'Copy JSON' to contain?

I am attempting to copy a view (with the same name, but in a different folder, in the same project) to another view as a cheap-and-dirty way to make a Dev-QA-Prod environment.
(You’re able to access each view independently via the Page Configuration setup.)

When I’m copying the JSON from Dev to QA, QA says it changed, but I don’t see any of the scripts or binds (much less, transforms) that I have in Dev. None of my new components copied over either.

(I tried making the names different, but that did not change the functionality.)

I deleted the QA view and pasted the Dev view in the QA folder. That brought everything over. I just wanted to know if we should expect a JSON copy/paste to do this too.

Copy JSON should copy everything in the same manner as just a copy and paste, it is just a way to paste into an existing view. If you Copy JSON and paste it into a text editor like Notepad, you should see that it contains all the components and their properties including bindings, transforms, and custom scripts.
That said, it sounds like it is not working correctly for you. So just to be clear you are Shift+Right-clicking a view, selecting Copy JSON, then Shift+Right-clicking another view and selecting Paste JSON and it is not updating? If that’s the case, I would suggest pasting into a text editor after doing Copy JSON and seeing if anything is missing. Also, if you don’t mind posting it, I can take a look at the project export and see if it can be recreated on our end.

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I searched for components that did not appear in the JSON receiver [‘Paste JSON’], and they were in the copied JSON [‘Copy JSON’]. I could go deeper, but I was just looking for the lowest hanging fruit.

Turns out, it was a one-off.