Questions about ags of S7-300 PLC in the tag browser

In a project I need to link a S7-300PLC ,and when I linked alreaday,I need to create its tags in tag browser ,which tags should I create in general (such as “outfeed counts”,“linestate”)? The details about the tag for creating tags do we need to ask the customers ? And after create tags ,how can I get the tags of “Run” as in the picture and make them show a actual value?

The same questions about PLC of AB, as I know , tags of AB plc don’t need create manually, we just need drop the tag from OPC browser, and I want to know if I have linked the AB plc, which tags in the OPC browser acquiescently, if you have some pictures or screenshot about these acquiescently tags is better , thanks a lot!

The tags in question are from the Production OPC server and result from configuring the MES Production Model. The tag values are populated by the internal processing of the model after it is configured. The majority of these tags are read only. You will need at least one outfeed count tag and one line (cell) state tag configured in the model. The best way to observe and understand the behaviour and tag values of the production model is to download and run the OEE demo.

User markdobtech is correct on all counts. I recommend visiting Inductive University and running through the MES courses, starting with this one -

As mentioned, Ignition’s OEE tags do not come from your PLCs. You configure your Production Model, create Infeeds/Outfeeds/Waste Counters for each line (which you DO connect to PLC tags), then the Production OPC Server automatically generates and manages the OEE tags for each line and every other item in your Production Model. These tags are used by Ignition’s MES system to make the OEE calculations and line information available and indeed most of them are read only.

I’ll re-iterate what the previous user said - the best way of learning how to use Igntion’s MES package is to install the demo and use the MES User Manual as a reference as you explore the demo.