Questions about Ignition Server, PLC support and license

1/ Is there any support for PLC Rockwell BnR?

2/ I installed a license downloaded on the website … But on the ignition web page (localhost:8088/main/web/config/s … icensing?4), I see that I have
Ignition Platformv 7.x.x expires 2014-03-31 23:59:59

Does it mean that my Ignition Server will stop to run after that date???
I though we can use the server for free? Right? or did I miss something?

3/ Do we have to buy a module (extension ?) to connect PLC Allen Bradley?

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  1. I’m not at all familiar with “BnR”, so I’m going to guess no, but maybe, depending on what protocol it uses.

  2. It sounds to me like your activation didn’t work, and so it put you in “emergency mode”. Since you got the license off the website, my guess is you got the “opc-ua” license.

Here’s how this works: Ignition has a 2 hour demo timer. When that expires, anything that isn’t licensed will stop. You can go in and start the trial over again (by logging into the gateway). You can do that as much as you want.

On our website, we offer a free license for the OPC-UA module and its drivers. I presume this is what you got and tried to use. This would mean that the device communications (rockwell, modbus, siemens) would continue to run when the rest of the system was expired. If you only want to use Ignition as a UA server, that’s great, but if you’re trying to demo the rest of the package, it’s not really a big deal, and you might as well just leave it in 2 hour demo mode.

  1. As I alluded to above, no. The Allen Bradley driver is a module, but it’s free.

If you PM me the license key you got I can double check what happened, but it sounds like you might just need to “unactivate” and try again. But really, it sounds like you just want to test everything, in which case you probably don’t even need to mess with that key.


By BnR do you mean these guys?