Questions about the retargeting feature

I read the Navigation - Retargeting page and watched the video on the university where he mentions you can switch between vision clients but there’s no mention of perspective in either video or website.
My question is can we retarget between a vision and perspective project, also will these projects continue to run if switches between one another.
My Boss has requested i find out as we have another project running in vision we would like to integrate with and if we could transition between them by changing the port for example?

Vision runs in the Vision Client, perspective runs in a web browser. Retargeting one from the other isn’t really a thing. That is why it isn’t mentioned in the video. In fact, system.util.retarget is only available in a Vision Client Scope.

That being said, it is possible to bring up a web browser and point it at the perspective project, or if you have the Web Browser Module, you can embed a web browser component in the vision project and target your perspective pages there.

There would not be a way to start a vision client from a perspective project, as 1.) All perspective scripting occurs in the Gateway Scope, and 2.) Web Browsers for very good security reasons don’t allow access to files on a client machine without active operator interaction.

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Ok, Thank you for the information