Questions concerning the Ping Routine

I was wondering, I downloaded the PING module and installed it. I can use it in FSQL and I can use it in the FPMI SQLTags section. But I can not seem to get it to work under either the scriting or the expressions sections.

If I use the either of the following command lines in SQL tags or FSQL the commands work fine but anywhere else I get either a syntax error or another error which I dont recall right now.


if ping((“”),500:

ALSO in FPMI under SQLTags I can use just:


All of these seem to work under the SQL tags but when I goto put them under in expression or in script they do not. Did I foget to place the DLL files somewhere?

Unfortunately, the way that expression based sqltags work is different from other expressions in PMI. FactorySQL evaluates all of the SQLTags, whereas PMI evaluates all of the other expressions. So, it won’t be possible to call that particular ping function from a normal property binding expression or script.

If you need the data available in various areas, you could have a FactorySQL group write the result to a table, and then instead of running the ping in your expressions, you can just do a query to get the result.

Hope that helps,