Questions regarding objects drawn with the Rectangle Tool


I have two questions regarding objects drawn with the Rectangle Tool:

[ul]Can the stroke style be changed dynamically? I see that you can link it to a tag, but I’m insure of the format of such a tag

Can you assign styles to the rectangle object? I’m creating a template and when I click on the Styles “Dataset Viewer” a warning popup appears that says, “There is no data”.[/ul]

Thanks for your help.

  1. I don’t know how to do it.
  2. First create a custom property to “drive” the style. Otherwise, you will have to use Angle, Height, Width, X, Y, or Data Quality. Unless you want that.
    Right click on the rectangle -> Customizers -> Style Customer (or Ctrl-2)
    Now select the Driving Property, then the properties you wish to change.
    Now you should not get the No Data Error any more.


The intent of binding the stroke of a rectangle would be to bind it to the stroke of other objects. That is all.