Quickly draw a table without data in Vision?

Is there an easy way to draw a table (like an HTML table) so I can show some data bound to some tags without connecting with a database?
Right now I’m manually drawing the table with lines and rectangles, but there must be a better way?

Manually make table’s dataset (just click the spreadsheet-like icon on the ‘Data’ property). Add rows/colums as needed.
Once you’ve got it set up as you like, click the binding icon and create a ‘cell update binding’. This allows you bring in dynamic values (tags, custom properties) into specific cells of the dataset.


It’s important to know that datasets (the Ignition data structure) are totally independent of databases. Query bindings are a common way to create a dataset, by querying a database for specific results, but datasets are everywhere, and there’s lots of ways to manipulate or create them.

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Thanks for the tip @PGriffith . I don’t think that will work because my tables need to be more flexible than that (merging columns and rows), though I could be wrong. Here’s a screenshot:

Is there something that will draw a table like this for me instead of me having to do it manually?

The power table component can be set up to span/merge cells - it’s still not total freedom of layout, but it’s the next best thing before a large jump in complexity.

The next level of power/freedom would probably be the Template Canvas. In ‘Layout Positioning’ mode, you can use anything the MiG layout manager supports - including arbitrary span widths, floating gaps, etc, etc. With that, you could have your existing layout, using templates for the numeric displays / text only displays, and use miglayout to control everything’s layout and sizing.

Alright, thanks!