Radar Chart Axis Labels

Hey guys,

The radar charts are awesome but it would be nice to have the option to label the axis with the column names. When you get a lot of axis it can get confusing as to which is which. In the following example I manually labeled the axis with label components.

If you mouseover an axis, the mouseover text will display the column name, range of the column, and/or the actual valve of the point depending on where you mouseover at. One of the ideas behind the radar chart and the moving analog indicator is to allow the operator to determine if the process is running correctly with just a glance.

It would be nice to have a mouseclick event that would indicate which axis was clicked on.

Yeah, I do realize that but I think it’s nice to be able to display the axis so you can see really fast what it is, at least as an option.

The mouse over is nice when you’re at a desktop but the mouse over stuff doesn’t work so hot if you’re at a touch screen panel on the operations floor. Most of the time I can’t get mouse over stuff to work at all on touch screens so that’s really my only complaint with it.

Another issue I just ran into: Scaling

There should be another column in the radar chart data set for a max spoke value i.e. each spoke should have it’s own max value

I had a bunch of information I wanted to put on a radar chart and 4 out of 5 pieces of information were 25.0 or below and the fifth was normally around 1,000. The radar chart just looked like a spike on one side. You could not tell what the other values were doing at all. If there was individual scaling for each value that would take care of this issue.

I came across this issue as well. I’m pretty sure what when Carl was doing the demo for the Radar Chart that he was displaying values on the chart with different scales, since there’s only one scale for all the axises I’m thinking he might have been scaling the values coming into the Radar Chart to work with his axis scale. I hadn’t gotten around to asking him how he was doing it yet.

Hey Carl, how were you scaling the values you were pulling into your Radar Chart during the demo? :wink:

A memory tag with an expression that scaled it, I think. It was an easy workaround.


Want to re up this thread because labels are really missing…
We have a dozen of radar charts which are dynamically populated, so it is not possible to create statics labels.
Any plan to an update of this component ?


Figured it’s time to bump this one.

7.9 Manual shows a graphic with labels and the current value of the axis. How is that achieved? Or is that manual showing static labels using the label component? I too have a touch screen so mouse-over functions aren’t an option, and would like to make this component dynamic as the operator will choose which measurables should be used based on the product being made. The radar chart could use 5-8 axis, and the label/value would have to change position to match the positional changes from 5-8 axis.