Radar chart labels

Is it possible to add native labels to the spokes of a spider plot?

No, but in 7.7.1-rc2 you can alter them slightly via the translations. It will expect a format string with %d, where %d is replaced by the chart with the spoke number and min/max values of the spoke.


Can you post a sample windows with it ? Can’t see how to do it in v7.7.1-RC3…


I’m a big fan of visual examples, but in this case, a step-by-step walkthough will be simpler. :slight_smile:

Put a radar chart on a window, select the chart, and in the right-click menu, choose Translations.

In the Translatable Terms panel that appears where Properties usually is, the first term should have a description of “Spoke” and a Key of “Spoke %d”. Double click this line. This will slide to a new window, where you can enter an alternate English “translation” of the term. (If you have other languages added in the Translation Manager, you will see more than just English. That’s okay.)

In either English (Global) or English (Component), enter the alternate term. (It will look at component first, and if it doesn’t find anything there, it will look at global.) In my example, I used “Machine %d limits”. The %d is required in the string somewhere – you’ll get an error without it. Click on the back button to save the translation.

Go to preview mode and mouse over a spoke. You’ll see your “translation” being used – mine says “Machine 7 limits [19.0-79.8]” as an example.

Using the alternate English translation lets you change just about all text on all components. Just be careful when you see format strings in the text like %d and %s – if you miss the formatting, it should log an error to the console, but unless you think to look for it you will be scratching your head trying to figure out why that one thing isn’t translating.