Radio Button Color (Vision)

Is it possible to change the color of a selected radio button? The button turns blue when I select it and I want a different color. Has managed to change the color of the inner small circle in the button but not the large outer one. I made that change in Style Customizer. But I can not find any way to change the color of the outer circle …

What version of Ignition? As of 8.1.6 (I think is the version) you can change the background color and the look and feel will respect it, although the ‘overlaid’ color for selection state is not configurable and will always add ‘blue’:

I am running version 8.1.9 (Ignition Platform) and version 11.1.9 (Vision Module).
Okay! It is “overlaid” color I want to change. Thought it might be possible to change via a script or in some other way.