Radio button group initialization

I have a radio button group whose items are all setting different bits of a 16-bit word in my PLC, configured as a UDT. The UDT is a 16-bit memory register and the individual items are tied to each bit of this word. This seems to work when I test it in the designer, but when I open the window in a client there appears to be some sort of initialization going on, and the selected button actually changes on its own, seemingly back to some previous state. Multiple overlays show that values are being written in the group as if the user clicked one of the buttons. If I watch the bits in my PLC as I open the window I can see them changing. From then on the button group operates properly. If I do not configure the selected state for each item to be bi-directional, the radio button group doesn’t function at all. The behavior that I would like is obviously that upon opening the window, the group reads which is the selected value, and does not go through an update without the user clicking any button.

I know you emailed in about this issue, has the issue been resolved?