Radio Button Group

Hi guys, may I know how can I code the script of radio button in Ignition 8.0

Example : props.radios.0.value
I have try the code above but it have error.

What I need to do with the radio button is once the user select either one of the radio button it will return the value and insert to the database. But currently, I have try many ways already but I still cant get the value of the radio button. Any one can help I’m new to Ignition

Thanks in advance.

If you are new to ignition you really need to watch all of the videos first, inductive university. There are also manuals that will guide you through all of this.


I believe I experienced a similar issue and thought I’d share what worked for me in case it can help you.

For the radio button, it would seem one needs to ensure the values are set to something not just the defaults.


Once I changed values to what I wanted to pass to db the script began working as intended.

The script in my scenario was triggered by a button as shown here:

I’m sure this is not the most efficient way of doing this but it worked.

Being new to ignition myself I look forward to opportunities to improve my skills and hope this offers you some help :slightly_smiling_face: