Radio button size

How do I change the size of a radio button? You can change the font but radio button is not affected.


The radio button is an icon. What you can do is add and specify the icons you want used with the radio button component. In your case you can find bigger radio button images and add them to your gateway and then specify them as the icons used in your radio button component.

Here is an example that uses some builtin icons in the Ignition gateway. This script goes in the propertyChange event of a radio button component. You will only see this work in a client, not a designer:

if event.propertyName == "componentRunning" and event.newValue == True: from com.inductiveautomation.ignition.client.images import PathIcon b = event.source b.setIcon(PathIcon(event.source,"Builtin/icons/16/view.png",16,16)) b.setSelectedIcon(PathIcon(event.source,"Builtin/icons/16/wrench.png",16,16))Don’t forget to join my email list:


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Thanks for your help!