Radio group data update in dataset

I have a one view which consist radio group component having 3 buttons(Yes,no, N/A) and i call that view into the table column of another view, i want to update my dataset in table after clicking any of the button. like if i choose yes button then in selected row yes will update.

i want to update my dataset table after clicking.
please guide me

please help me

Hi Aman,

Not sure how you are building or creating the initial dataset, but you can try creating a bidirectional parameter in the radio buttons view and binding the value of the radio group index to this parameter so it can be read from external views.

It looks like what you are trying to build is a checklist. I'd personally try to use flex repeat containers instead of table as that approach provides much better control over what happens to each instance without having to manipulate a whole dataset just to update an existing entry. Might not be what you want, but hopefully another idea to try. Daniel.

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hi Daniel,
i created my dataset by importing the excel sheet into table.
i tried to create bidirectional parameter and bind the value of the radio group index to this parameter.
but still my table not updated after choosing option from radio group.
please help me to the next step

If you really need to stick with tables, then you probably need to use message handlers, and find a way to store the dataset either in a database or a tag that you can programmatically manipulate.

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i used message handler as per your suggestion.

Event Configuration on Radio group:

Table view: Message handler

But still not working, suggest me next step.

also i store my dataset into a tag

The long and the short of this is that you're not changing the original data source.

A table in this instance isn't the best way to do what your trying to do. The reason is, you would need to click on the cell to enter edit mode, and then click on one of the radio buttons. Then you would need to have a message handler from the embedded view to the main view giving it the pertinent information so that the original data source can be updated with the new data.

You have a lot more work to get this working the way you expect.

A better approach has been recommended by @Daniel_Calderon I would suggest that you look into that.

Daniel i did the same process as you suggested, but i am still facing issue. please help me i am stucked.