Radio group & scroll bar

Hi :blush: ,
I need to config a large number of elememen dynamically with a script in a radios group, and i need too add a scrol bar.
how to align a large elements of radios group, with newline for each element (I tested a vertical-align: middle; but it doesn't work) :confused: , and how to add a barre scroll if the number of elements is large.

  1. Add a Flex Container and set it to column. I set the PROPS to,
direction : column
wrap : nowrap
justify : flex-start
alignItems : flex-start
alignContent : stretch
    overflow : scroll

and POSITION props to

grow : 0
shrink : 0
basis : 200px
  1. Deep-select your flex container and add your radio buttons and set POSITION props to
grow : 0
shrink : 0
basis : 35px