Ragarding IGNITION

One desktop icon will be created after I launch a project in IGNITION. After some time if I try to launch it from dektop icon some error is showing ? Unablt to launh ? .Is this because of some modification which I have done it in the designer mode or any other problem. Because why I am asking this i am unable to launch the particular project from this desktop icon after completion of project instead of going through URL.
Can you please tell me a solution for this.

    I wanted to ask you about one additional feature which i want to use in my project:

         Whether IGNITION has LIVE CHAT feature from web client users amongst them selves through the graphic page and not through any other live chat like yahoo,gtalk,etc..And I need to see in the graphic page how many clients or viewers are there only for that particular server.
     If it is there please let me know about this feature.
  1. You can create Internet Explorer (or browser) links that take you to the project directly, instead of the local cache. This also allows you to distribute shortcuts without pre-launching the project. They work in the following format, by replacing PROJECT_NAME with the name of your project.

Windowed JNLP: IP:PORT/main/system/launch/clien … _NAME.jnlp
Full-Screen JNLP: IP:PORT/main/system/launchfs/cli … _NAME.jnlp
Applet URL: IP:PORT/main/web/applet/client/PROJECT_NAME

  1. In the past, we created a “Live Chat” system using the Ignition designer that uses an SQL database for persistence (storing chat after program is closed). This is of “intermediate” difficulty in that requires scripting, and some experience to be successful - particularly with how you deal with the database and polling. Feel free to submit a feature request for a chat component in the Ignition Vision Module. We’re willing to help answer any specific questions that come up.

  2. You can view open Client and Designer sessions on the Gateway graphically in the “Ignition Gateway Overview Map”, by clicking on the big “Status” button link on the top of the gateway page. The URL should look like this: YOURCOMPUTER:8088/main/web/status/

I know how to use Gateway status and seeing that i can able to see that how many clients i have. but i need this fascility in my runtime window and with these clients i want to make a chat. I want the requirement like this:
I want to chat with Webserver and whoever is viewing this project ( that should come in the runtime page )http://ipaddress/main/system/launch/project name.
I want to keep a chat box inside project which should be visible in the runtime page and from there i have to chat with server or the with the clients. Like in the same way we are chatting in gtalk, yahoo messenger etc. Like this fascility i need to make it in the graphics page.

  These are my requirements and i hope i will get a reply for this . If u want more clarification about this i am ready to give you.