RAID10 selection advice

Hi there,
What RAID10 would you recommend for running a SCADA server with Windows Server OS?

Hmmm. No replies in two days. There might not be a good answer.

I’d say use a Linux hypervisor w/ Linux MD raid there, with Windows in a VM, so Windows doesn’t have to worry about such difficult tasks. But I’m notoriously biased against Windows in production environments, so my opinion might not be suitable. :laughing:


Windows Storage Spaces with ReFS drives is probably what you’re looking for. (ReFS loses out on NTFS’s filesystem compression & encryption, but offers significantly greater resiliency). I think Storage Spaces allows for SSD/NVMe caching if that’s required.

If you’re not limited to Windows, and/or want both filesystem resiliency AND compression/encryption, ZFS or BTRFS (both Linux/BSD-based) are more mature, feature-rich versions of Storage Spaces. ZFS is by far the more mature of the two, but it is legendary in both its resiliency and its performance (note that maximum performance may require substantial tweaking). They’re both well-documented and freely available, but are entirely command-line managed, which can be a challenge.

I personally prefer these sort of RAID-like filesystems over software RAID - they make things like adding smart caching layers much easier. Both are better than hardware RAID cards, which are just a sneaky way to add an additional point of failure to your system.