Random Lines Render on Clients

Hello all,

I’m currently working on a project where clients are being run on Siemens Industrial PCs with the following specs:

Processor: Intel Celeron CPU N2930 @ 1.83 GHz
Installed memory: 4 GB
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB 64 bit
Display Adapter: Intel HD Graphics from 4/4/2016
Java Version: 1.80_171 (same on clients and gateway)

The gateway is being run on Windows Server 2012 and running Ignition 7.9.7.

Random lines will start rendering out of the the components; no specific set of actions trigger this as far as I can tell. Yesterday it happened as I was swapping between screens, however the graphics could just start displaying weirdly on its own without any user invention.

Clients are allowed a max of 2 GB of memory and they barely use around 500 MB. I’ve tried all combinations of DirectDraw and Direct3d (currently both disabled), multiple gateway and client cache cleans, and gateway restarts all to no avail. This appears to only happen on clients on the aforementioned Siemens PCs, I’ve tried recreating the problem on clients launched on other hardware but it seems to work fine.

I’ve been working with Inductive support on this however their response at the moment is that its a hardware limitation on those PCs that does not work well with Java or to downgrade the version of Java installed on the Clients. I was wondering if someone out there has experienced something similar and possibly what could cause this?


I recall seeing similar behavior on some linux boxes with Intel integrated graphics some years ago. I don’t recall how it was resolved (if at all).


Thanks so much! After changing the join styles on all the rectangles in the project including templates the problem disappeared after publishing.

I experience the same thing and the solution of changing the stroke style/join style doesn’t always work. I see this issue on the native Easy Chart object at times. IT’s quite annoying.

For the Easy Chart I found that making the Plot Border transparent helps, but in X-Trace Mode the pens start rendering weirdly.

Any solution to this on bar/pie charts?
Especially on pie charts, each label has a weird line that connects from the end of the label and heads towards the corner of the chart at an angle. This make reading the data extremely difficult.
I changed the Outline Color to be transparent and lowered the Outline Stroke = 0 and still have these annoying lines.
On Bar Charts, it seems to happen to me only on the outline, and the same adjustments to the outline do not work either.
I had this issue when drawing shapes and changed the stroke style as mentioned above and it worked perfectly.