Random 'Not Found' Quality Overlays while using Templates

I have found that when I leave a window, then return focus, the template object will randomly indicate a ‘Not Found’ quality code. These template objects are mapped to two bit states. The values are always correct and are shown above and below the object. However, the Quality Flag changes every time I return focus to the window.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

I’ve attached my template.

I am running Ignition v7.4.3.

Thanks in advance.
Distribution Recloser Template_2012-06-18_1250_partial.proj (12.1 KB)

Are there any logs or errors popping up anywhere?

I have seen none thus far.

Is this in production? We recently encountered another issue similar to this where an upgrade fixed the tag quality. Would you be interested in upgrading to 7.5 to see if this resolves the issue.

I’ll give it a shot today and let you know.

I tried v7.5 and still see the same problem.

Can you call into tech support so someone can take a look at this?


I just started using templates and am experiencing the same problem. I am using 7.4.2. Unfortunately upgrading is not immediately possible, but I’m tagging along here to see what the result is in any case. If there is any info you’d like me to provide as well let me know.

This problem was resolved by upgrading to 7.5.1 beta.

A possible workaround is to make a second binding to any tag that is showing these signs.


Glad that we could get your issue resolved! :thumb_left:

Now 6 years after I struggle with this error. Using Ignition Platform 7.9.9