Raspberry Pi Frame Buffer

I have some RPi’s running an Ignition client and every thing looks good except when you use the help menu. For example, if you open the diagnostics window it is larger than the 7" display. Using the touchscreen you cannot move the window to close it or view it properly. I set the frame buffer in /boot/config.txt to 1280x768. This allows for the windows to be fully viewed but now the project doesn’t look correct, and it distorts a bit more when the diagnostics window is open. Any tricks or tips on this?

I set the framebuffer on the Pi to 1040x624 and it was a lot better than before. I can now open the diagnostic window and see the entire window. I did have to change my project window size a bit to come out right. I’m using a dock west window that is always open, and it is the one that had to be adjusted.