Raspberry Pi & Igniton Edge installation problems

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Raspberry/Linux, but I’m trying to get Ignition Edge running on a Raspberry Pi B+.
I’ve followed the instructions in this article from Ignition support.
All went wel until the step 5. No proces-ID returned, only “Warning: Ignition Gateway may have failed to start.”
When I type in sudo ./ignition.sh status, I receive “Ignition Gateway is not running.”

Anyone any ideas on this?
Help is very much appreciated!

Can you get the wrapper.log file from the logs directory? That should have more information in it.

Hi Kevin,

In the ./usr/local/ignition/logs/ folder are no log-files…
Any other places?

I restarted my Pi and now I get a text when starting up: “Segmentation Fault”

Segmentation fault is the same as a page fault: some piece of code trying to access memory it isn’t allowed to access. You’ll get this when you try to access a nullpointer f.e.

When exactly do you get your segmentation fault? During booting the OS or during ignition launching?
In Java, it’s very hard (or even impossible) to get a segmentation fault, as Java does all the memory handling. So either there’s something wrong with some other program, or the JRE you’re using has a bug. Do you use OpenJDK, or the Oracle one?

It might also be worth starting with a fresh installation once you run into these kinds of problems…

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I don’t think you can run it on a RaspPi B+ without some tweaks. I think the RAM on the B+ will be your biggest obstacle. With only 512MB, its a tight fit to get the gateway to even start.

If you are going to get it to run, you’ll have to tweak the ignition.conf file and lower the Java Heap size settings even further. Back when I was getting the older armhf builds running on the older Pi’s, I had to use wrapper.java.initmemory=256 and wrapper.java.maxmemory=384. Also, make sure that you have your Pi configured to boot to console, you can’t run the desktop interface… Use sudo raspi-config to change the Boot Options to console. This will help save more memory…

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Also, within the Pi Configuration, drop your GPU memory split down to something like 16mb… That will free up more memory for Java+Ignition.

I have trouble running a standard client on a b+. It hardly runs a client window.

I really don’t know much about this topic, but I am very interested in the out come, as I will be at these crossroads in the near future. I have attached a link to a comparison on the different Pi models. I don’t know that this will help but I know for me it gives me a starting point on which model of Pi I would purchase. Check out the link.

Pi Comparison

Don’t forget that there are also other SBC’s out there. The PINE ROCK 64 looks promising for these applications with up to 4gb RAM and optional 16GB eMMC (faster then SD card, slower then an SSD). I have an UP Board and UP Squared, both run x86 processors (so can run full win 10) and options range from 1-8GB ram. prices range from $89-$299. UP Squared has some very nice IO options like m.2 E-Key slot and mPCIe/mSATA slot.

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Hi, I realize this thread is a bit old, but I have tried to Install Ignition Edge on a B+ but the board is really too slow for Edge. A Raspberry Pi 3 and espcially with the newer Raspberry Pi 3 B+. However, I currently have this running on a Pine64+ and it seems to run just fine. I do have a question though. When I first acess the 'localhost:8088" page, it brings me to a Trial Version Configuration and asks to signin but I do not know what the username and password is for this. Is there a particular username and password for this or a means to create one?



On initial startup of a new install, admin/password are the defaults. You’ll obviously want to change those upon first login.

D’oh! Thanks.
I see the info on the Gateway page of the Ignition User Guide so I’ll spend more time there for the time being.



One note, perhaps this is not the correct place for this, but the link to " Ignition MQTT Module Overview" from the Cirrus Link site seems to have been deleted. This is the error that I see when clicking on “Cirrus Link MQTT modules” from the Edge Plugins page:
Ignition MQTT Module Overview

Page Deleted

A page with this title has been deleted. Contact your space administrator if you would like it restored.

This is where the link is sent to:



Thanks for letting us know! I have fixed the link so that it now points to the proper page.

Does the pine64+ work well as a ignition hmi/client? Or is it too slow for that?

Well, it’s not the fastest thing in the world but it does seem to run okay. The Pine64 I have was from the Kickstart so it would be intersting to see if there is a difference with their Rock64. Also, it might be a better compare with the new RasPI 3 B+.

I did have to install libc 32-bit to run the start script as well as IcedTea to run Designer.

// Install 32-bit libs

Download and run IcedTea:
sudo apt-get install icedtea-netx
followed by
javaws ~/Downloads/cgoban.jnlp

I’ve installed Mosquitto MQTT Borker on the Pine64 but have not connected any clients yet. ( Got a bit side tracked).

This is a screen shot of the Ignition Edge Performance Panel from the Pine64:


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