Raspberry PI unable to start ignition following instruction

Hello the instruction says the following:
make the files executable by executing the following three chmod commands:

chmod +x ignition.sh
chmod +x ignition-gateway
chmod +x gcu.sh

To start Ignition now, type

./ignition.sh start

What actually happened:
the file gcu.sh replaced by gwcmd.sh

pi@raspberrypi:/usr/local/ignition $ sudo su
root@raspberrypi:/usr/local/ignition# chmod +x ignition.sh
root@raspberrypi:/usr/local/ignition# chmod +x ignition-gateway
root@raspberrypi:/usr/local/ignition# ls
data ignition-util.sh Notice.txt webserver
gwcmd.sh lib README wrapper-license.conf
ignition-gateway License.html temp
ignition.sh logs user-lib
root@raspberrypi:/usr/local/ignition# chmod +x gwcmd.sh
root@raspberrypi:/usr/local/ignition# ./ignition.sh start
Found /usr/local/ignition/ignition-util.sh but could not execute it. Please make sure that the file has execute permissions.

Can you let me know how to fix the error?

you need to chmod u+x ignition-util.sh to make it executable for the user.