Raspberry Pi4 run on boot

I am using RPi4 for clients and would like to have them automatically load the client software on boot.

I can currently boot the Pi to the desktop and run the script from there, but have not been successful in doing it automatically.

legacyclient.sh is located in a folder /home/pi/Ignition/

I have edited the following:



@xset s off
@xset -dpms
@xset s noblank
/home/pi/Ignition/legacyclient.sh C MIS F
have also tried with no success
@sh /home/pi/Ignition/legacyclient.sh C MIS F

When I reboot, I come back to the desktop and no client load.

Any help please as I am fairly new to linux. My windows machine work flawlessly


For my Pi3s and later, I ended up adding another script to act as a delay before running the legacyclient script. Big enough to ensure the desktop is loaded, small enough to keep my impatience at bay.

#! /bin/bash

sleep 30

delayLaunch.zip (224 Bytes)

Not sure if you did this yet but permissions are are a common issue with crontab if its not working. You should do a chmod +x /home/pi/Ignition/legacyclient.sh if you haven’t already. Also, which crontab are you doing it in? There’s a crontab for root and a crontab for your user. Make sure you’re using the right one. sudo crontab -e gives you the roots ccrontab and crontab -e will give you your user pi's crontab.

JordanCClark works great on Pi3 but will not work on Pi4.

Thanks for the tip.

Cannot get crontab to run either. Added following to end of it
@reboot /home/pi/legacyLaunch/delayLaunch.sh

Worth reading through this if you’re having cron issues https://serverfault.com/questions/449651/why-is-my-crontab-not-working-and-how-can-i-troubleshoot-it