RaspberryPi 3 Terminal Install ability

This is my first time posting here so short intro my name is Mike and I am an Engineer for Boise Cascade. We are investigating the abilities of RaspberryPi to host a single Ignition screen at every machine center in our plant. Some of these screens range from simple data entry that then writes to MySQL Database to information screens pulling sub 50 data points from PLC and displaying those values real time allowing the user to add data to the PLC data (IE: Reasons for downtime events) and then log them to MySQL.

so far I have been testing RasPi 2 using Open-JDK (Iced Tea Web) as a run time environment to display the screens. So far they have been slow to respond and any time it needs to sync to the gateway I get a functional lockout for 45 seconds to a minute. This lockout still occurs normally on our more powerful computers for 5-10 seconds.

Does anyone have any experience with Ignition and RasPi and have any suggestions to what I can do to optimize the environment or should I be exploring other mid-end machines for this function?

I’d solve the “functional lockout” problem first. That sounds like a hog of a project that hasn’t been given enough memory. Java is prone to garbage collection freezes under low memory conditions. It’s not enough to have a lot of memory on a workstation – you have to tell the project to use it (max allowed memory in the project settings).

Raspberry Pi 3 does decent as long as the client application doesn’t use a ton of memory. I’m tryin go figure out how to modify the Dialog font mapping in Raspian currently. Going to test out the Odroid C2 this week also.

So I took a few screen shots to show the functional lockout and what I am seeing. I looks almost like a memory leak not a memory cap issue. Ideas?

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Memory Before Lockout:

Lockout Sync:

Memory During Lockout:

Memory After Lockout End:

That overlay icon signifies a broken database connection. You should look in the gateway’s console to see what database errors are being reported. If you have many clients, you just might not have allowed enough pooled connections.

In the Gateway I have been motioning the number of connections and it never seems to to get above 5 or 6. The pooled connections is still set to the default value of 8. (All settings at default) I’m am unsure if this is truly the root cause of the issue. Please let me know what you think.

I further monitored the server today and observed the bandwidth on all 8 connections, they never fill or take longer then a few seconds to clear. Certainly not as long as the functional lockouts on the screen. I am nearly convinced that its a memory leak on the local side. Just my thoughts.