Raytek MP150 EC150 OPC connection

I have a Raytek MP150 linescanner with EC150 software that has an OPC server. I am have troubles connecting it to Ignition. I have configured the device with a TCP driver and the proper IP address and port. I can now see the device and it shows connected through the status webpage. In the designer I can see the device and a few tags. The only one that are “happy” the diagnostics tags. I can not see any of the predefined tags from the scanner. Anyone try doing this in the past? Any suggestions?

It looks like it is configured properly, but I would look at the Message Settings for the device. I think these may not be correct. Look at the options for those fields, this is where you will need to know exactly what kind of message your device is sending. This is usually where about 90% of communications issues occur. The documentation for your device should have the information you need about how the message is sent and if there is a message delimiter, field count, and field delimiter. The drive may show the device is connected, but all the TCP driver does is opens up that port and starts listening for incoming messages.

If this device has an OPC server built in you should be making an OPC connection to it, not using the TCP driver.

It is my understanding that a TCP is a type of OPC connection. When I go to add a device I can’t select just an OPC connection. How would I do this?

On the left side of the Configure section of the Ignition Gateway go to “OPC Connections > Servers”.

You’ll need to figure out of the server is an OPC-DA or OPC-UA server, and if it’s DA, install the OPC-COM module first.

The only thing in the manual says that is is dcom, I believe this to be DA am I correct?

Yep. You’ll probably want to read this.

Awesome thank you guys for the help. As always you guys rock!