Re-Direct URL's - Perspective

Is it possible to re-direct URLS? We have https sites for Ignition running on port 8443 and it would be nice to have a cleaner URL for our users. For example:


gets redirected to port 8443:


So, any url that has /data/perspective/client gets redirected to port 8443 with the appropriate project name.

Sure, it’s possible - but you’ll need another webserver running in port 443 to act as a reverse proxy; look into something like nginx if running on a Linux system. https:// with no specific port just tells browsers/etc to use port 443, so you’ll still need something listening there that’s able to do the redirection.

ok, thanks! we’re running Apache. I just wasn’t sure if we set it to listen to port 8443 it would still work with Ignition’s webserver.

Well, you can’t have two services bound to the same port - so if you want https://domain to be what users are using, then I would have Apache bound to 443, reverse-proxying Ignition running on 8443. That also has the security benefit of not requiring Ignition to run as root to bind to a system-level port.

that makes sense, thank you! I’ll have to do some googling on how reverse proxy apache though as I’ve never had to do that before.