Re: Error getting sample data when open Report template in ignition designer lanucher

When Open Report Template in designer then it shows error like:
ExecutionException: com.inductiveautomation.ignition.client.gateway_interface.GatewayException: Read timed out
caused by GatewayException: Read timed out
caused by SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out

Ignition v8.1.37 (b2024013011)
Java: Azul Systems, Inc. 17.0.9

If anyone has insight on this topic, please kindly share your thoughts
Thank You

That means the report is too complex to execute within the 60-second time limit for designer-gateway requests.

Thank you for replying. Could you please tell me the solution for this error?
When I use this named query then it is taking lot of time and after report template is not open

How long does the named query take when you run it by itself? (Using the default date/times configured in your report.)

(Also, your named query is more than one statement. While that can pass through to drivers that support SQL scripts in JDBC, JDBC officially only supports single statements. Beware.)

It takes lot of time such as 7 -8 sec to execute.
Could you please review the named query that is already saved in the MS SQL database.

and after report template is open with error