Re-login using SSO

I’m not sure this is possible - I did some digging and just want it confirmed.

I currently have my project set-up for SSO and that is working as intended. We have a script that switches users after a predetermined time of inactivity to a user that has only viewing privileges. Is there a way to auto-log back in with a script with the SSO credentials? The auto-log out/log-in isn’t a security issue as it is more of a fat finger/inadvertent button press feature.


Bit late on this but, just wondering if you ever got an answer or figured a way out to do this?

I’ve been chatting with Ignition support about this at the moment and they are telling me the only way is to user the script and include the Users password in the script which is just not going to happen since it could be absolutely any user (and the obvious security issue).