Re-Order Power Table Rows using Buttons

I have a Power Table populated by a database query, and I wanted to be able to re-order the rows using buttons next to the table. The idea is that the user will click on a row, and then use the Up/Down arrows to move that selected row, up or down the table. The selected row will stay selected after being moved.

Here is what I came up with. 7.9.7. ReorderRow.proj (11.3 KB)

I am using a column in the database/table to store the order, and you can see in my scripting where I am updating the value in that column. This step could have probably been ignored, and the database update inserted in it’s place, but I wanted to try and keep things seperated.

This example should still work without a database, just remove the section at the end of each button.

Did I just reinvent the wheel, and can this be accomplished an easier way?

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