Re-Targetting Error

I have several TVs that have there own App running on the. Once an hour I want to retarget them to another project for 3 minutes and then have them return to their original app. I have the smarts to do the time but getting an error when I test with a button script.

I am using 7.9.2 Ignition.

system.util.retarget(“Copy_Of_Hallway”,“”, {“retargetOccured”:1}, [“Safety”])

I want this to invoke from a Timer Client Script when Finish and Return from a Client Script from the retargeted project

This is the Error
Error Launching application
SAXParseException: The element type “link” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “”.

This fix this issue
system.util.retarget(“Copy_Of_Hallway”,“”, {“retargetOccured”:1}, [“Safety”])

Code I used to change project and then back after set time.

Get Current Min and convert it to INT

today =
Min =, “mm”)

#Get Time to Show Hallway Project
tagread =“SLI/Charlotte/Bakery/TVs/Hallway/Line 3 TV Time”)
switchtime = tagread.value
iMin = int(Min)

#Goto Hallway Project
if iMin == switchtime:
Dest =“SLI/Charlotte/Bakery/TVs/Hallway/HallWayTVName”)
system.util.retarget(Dest.value,“”, {“retargetOccured”:1}, [“Safety”])

Dest Code

#get Min and conv to INT
today =
Min =, "mm")
imin =int(Min)
#get variables 
project = system.util.getGlobals()['_RETARGET_FROM_PROJECT']
gateway = system.util.getGlobals()['_RETARGET_FROM_GATEWAY']
ChkTV = project[-2:]

returntime ="SLI/Charlotte/Bakery/TVs/Hallway/Line 3 TV Time Ret")
#if called from another project check return time and then call original project.
if ChkTV == "TV":	
	returntime ="SLI/Charlotte/Bakery/TVs/Hallway/" + project) 	
	if returntime.value == imin:
		system.util.retarget(project,"", {"retargetOccured":1},["Safety"])