Re-using maker license

I previously had a personal use maker license that I was using for a 8.0 based system running under a Debian VM . With 8.1 arriving I decided to wipe out that VM and do a fresh Debian install.

When I got to the licensing section of installing Maker I wanted to use the same previously used Maker license (and as I had wiped out the previous VM I consider this as equivalent to recovering from a hard drive crash). So I navigated to the Maker Edition licenses section of my profile to collect the license number. I then clicked on “Regenerate Activation Token”, but that pops up a windows saying:

There was an error with your request

I also get the same response if I click on “Invalidate” for the current license.

Maybe related is Reinstall licensing, but I seem to have some different issues.

How do I recover this license, or should I just delete it and request a new one?

You might see this error if your session has expired on the account site. Try reloading the page and see if it asks you to log in again. If that is not the problem, then I would recommend deleting it and requesting a new one.

It probably was a session issue, but complicated because I had the Ignition forum open, logged in in one tab (and had been for ages), while I was looking at my own profile in another tab.

Closing down all the tabs and looking in seemed to do the trick.

As an aside, how come the Maker forum doesn’t have the checkbox to indicate that an answer was the solution?