React Development Question

I am working to set up a testing environment for react, it does not make any sense to me to have to compile a module in order to test the GUI. Could some let me know where I can find these two library files?


In Ignition 8.1.19, these files can be found in the gateway-api-web.jar file in the ignition gateway. 8.1.18 and earlier releases will have them inside the gateway-api.jar file.

While it may not make sense to have to build modules for frontend work, but due to the legacy nature of significant parts of it, the gateway is an ‘odd’ environment to try and create tests/stubs dev-servers for. Plans for 8.2 are to get rid of the legacy aspects and move to a new structure that’s much more ‘modern’ in terms of technology/architecture. That will enable a much nicer development and test experiences for the web pages, but till then, it’s a pain.


Thanks Perry, this will be very helpful, look forward to seeing what V. 8.2 has to offer.

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