Read a series of Modbus Registers into an Integer array?

Hey Guys,

I’m missing something here. I have comms to a PID controller working over RS485 serial, using Ignitions built in Serial module. Works well. But I know I’m missing something here
I have a table of Temperature setpoints. I followed the tutorial on manually addressing tags (which seems to have moved!) anyways. I can read individual temperatures and get feedback

If i switch to integer array, or any style array for that matter, using this syntax
All I get is what seems to be a binary array?
I was hoping to take registers 48193 to 48200 and pack them into array elements that lines up to Pattern_0_REF[0] = 48193
Pattern_0_REF[1] = 48194

So on and so fourth…

What am I missing guys?


It looks like you are extracting the individual bits of a word into an array. I don’t know how to do what you want, hopefully someone here does.

No, the driver does not support that. Make separate tags.

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