Read alarm priority

is there a way to read tag’s alarm priority with script ?

Depends what you are looking for exactly. If you are looking for the highest priority of an alarm on a tag, something like"Path/To/Tag.AlarmHighestUnackPriority")

would work.

If you are looking for priorities of configured alarms, you could do the following:

t = system.tag.browseConfiguration("Test Boolean",False)
print t.toJSON()

which resulted in

    "dataType": "Boolean",
    "alarms": [
        "setpointA": 1.0,
        "name": "Alarm",
        "priority": "Medium"
        "setpointA": 2.0,
        "name": "Alarm 1"
    "name": "Test Boolean",
    "value": false

If the value is not default, it will show. For alarm priorities, the default is Low.

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Thanks @Kyle_Chase, I was looking for the second one!