Read data from a Meter over Profibus PA

Hello everybody,
Does anyone know if Ignition Siemens driver can read the data of a Meter over Profibus PA? This meter has the output on Profibus PA.


As far as I know, the Ignition Siemens driver is used to communicate with Siemens PLC.

I’m not aware of any standard Ignition driver that can communicate directly with Profibus PA.
You may want to consider to convert to Modbus prior to communicating to Ignition.

Thanks Rendi.
Siemens PLC work on Profibus/Profinet protocol. I was wondering if Siemens driver can also communicate with other devices on Profibus or no.
Considering Profibus PA/Modbus gateway is costly but yes it could be an option.

Ignition’s Siemens driver does not support Profibus or Profinet.

May I ask if it does not support neither Profibus nor Profinet, how does it work then? As it needs to communicate Siemens PLCs

S7 protocol over Ethernet is very common.

saying S7 over Ethernet is not Profinet? Profinet = Profibus over Ethernet?

They are 3 different things.

Profibus is an old serial fieldbus.

Profinet runs on Ethernet but is not the same thing as the S7 protocol.

ah ok. Thanks Kevin.
Do you know if Ignition has/will have a profinet driver? now or in near future

@Kevin.Herron I would absolutely like to know the same as @alireza.dehghani

Is Ignition planning on expanding to include a profibus/profinet driver?

I am interested in polling field devices like flow meters without additional gateways or device replacement.

No plans for profinet or profibus.

For profibus install CP5611 on your PC with Siemens driver and OPC scout And read data via OPC da
For profiNET just install Siemens software and get your data via opc
For PA use a s7-300 CPU as gateway and read it by ignition driver

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