Read data from MOXA NPort(5110, 5250A, 5150A) over Modbus TCP

Can Modbus modules on Ignition (Modbus TCP or ModbusRtuoverTCP) connect to MOXA devices (5110, 5250A, 5150A) and read their data over Modbus TCP? The Moxa device is connected to a counter which communicate with MOXA over Modbus serial.

You can use the Modbus RTU over TCP driver but it’s really a worst case scenario. You’ll have to make sure absolutely nothing else but Ignition is connected to these serial-to-ethernet converters. RTU over TCP is not a reliable protocol because there’s no framing or sequencing of requests. It’s possible for things to get out of sync and start seeing mismatched requests/responses.

Ideally you would use one of the Moxa MGate devices that actually convert Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP.

Thanks Kevin.
A counter is connected to this Moxa and on its datasheet the addresses are like this:

How should I write the Modbus addresses? is it IRUI_6421636?

Yeah, that seems right (IR or HR, can’t tell from the screenshot). You might have to try +1 or toggle the one-based address setting.

Thanks Kevin