Read data table another PC

I need make igniton reading data table another PC whit opc server.
I have no doubt how best make this link, in other PC I have OPC Server installed.



Which OPC server is it? The reason I ask is that if it is an OPC server that supports OPC-UA, you can connect directly across the network.

If it is classic OPC-DA, then you can either:

  1. Use DCOM (not recommended)
  2. Use some kind of tunneler. You can use ours, read more here

Is OPC _ Client
This equipment (Called Pressco) performs the inspection process and report data table.
See screen attach.
SCAN7539_000.pdf (122 KB)


Yes, you’re going to need to connect to the Pressco Intellespec OPC server using the OPC-COM module. As Carl mentioned, you can try to use DCOM and access it remotely, or you can install Ignition on that machine with just the OPC-COM, Tunnel, and OPC-UA modules, and set up the connection using OPC-UA.

DCOM is generally difficult to set up, so I would recommend the tunneller approach. However, if you want to try it, in Ignition you would go to Config in the gateway, and then OPC Connections>Servers>Add Server, and then select “OPC-COM”, then “Remote”, and put in the IP address of the other machine. You should then see a list of OPC servers, including the one you want.

If it doesn’t work right away, you should look for a “DCOM Whitepaper” for OPC that will explain how to set up the security settings.



I ask.

I need install OPC-COM and OPC-UA or only OPC.


I installed OpcCom Tunneller-module.modl and change safety protection as request.
But I could not make the communication between machines.
Software used by pressco second manual is OPC Server for INTELLISPEC™ systems supports the OPC Foundation “Data Access” specification. It is compatible with all versions of the specification in widespread use
today (1.0a, 2.05 and 3.00). The OPC Server does not support other OPC specifications
(including Alarms & Events, Historical Data or XML Data).

What else can I do.