Read Excel workbook


I am working on a project where i want to load/update around 100 recipe at a time in MySQL database.

To achieve this we planned to import excel sheet (.xlsx format) in to ignition tag and using transition group or by database script we can load it in MySQL.

We tried using xlrd python lib version ( 0.7.9 ) since my ignition version is 7.9.16. with this we can achieve the goal but the xlrd 0.7.9 version can extract data from old excel version ( .xls format ).

Is there any other way to read to excel workbook using script. we don’t want to import any new module in platform.

Thanks in advance.

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Apache POI is the recommended tool for working with Excel files (reading and writing, including the modern .xlsx) in java/jython. With Ignition v7.9.x, you will need to include a 3rd-party module that provides and exposes them. I recommend Kymera’s Office Document module from the module showcase.

In Ignition v8.1, the Apache POI libraries v4.1.1 are included in Ignition’s core and can be imported in jython directly.

(You can also hack your Ignition install to have those libraries, but such hacks won’t survive an Ignition upgrade.)