Read from dataset?


Today I was looking how to realize the following:

select a row in a table that contains my different products and show on a click the tecnical drawing of the product

The table is a dynamic query that shows me always the product group selected in a dropdown. The result of the query is the dataset of a table. Now I select a row in the table and the tables property “selected row” indicates the selected row, but how to get the name of the product now (The name is one of the columns of the dataset.
)? I would put the script in a button, but all the system.datast.xxxx functions are related to editing somehow.
Having the name I could load the drawing as an image…

Is there a way?

Something similar I have in mind to jump from the alarm table to the window where the tag is visible…

I think you want something like this:

#this code would be run on the propertyChange of the table if event.propertyName == 'selectedRow':,"product_name")

More info about working with datasets can be found here: