Read Multiple Tags at Once


Is there currently a way in Ignition Perspective to read more than one tag at once through a binding? I am familiar with using system.tag.readBlocking('[tagpath1]', '[tagpath2]') through scripting to accomplish this but wanted to know if it was possible to do so through a binding on a custom property.

Use Case: Based on user configuration, a flex repeater may need to reference more than one memory dataset tag, but I want the flex repeater to update if any of the tags have a change.


You can read two tags with an expression binding. A binding must always return a single value, though, so I'm not sure what you're planning to do, exactly.

How do you set that up in an expression binding? I have tried a couple ways but haven't had any luck.

The tags are dataset tags so ideally, I would like to append the datasets.

I recommend the Expression Structure binding type: