Read Only Access to Designer


I was just wondering if it is possible to give someone access to Ignition Designer with Read Only Access?

No, the designer has no security built-in besides who can log in to it.

can i add an additional username and password to the designer if so where would i go to do that, all i can seem to find in the configuration page is the main username and password changing feature.

The designer and gateway configuration page are both set to use the default authentication profile by default. So a valid username and password must exist in the profile and have the role Administrator attached to them. So in the Gateway configuration page you can either change the profile for the designer and gateway or add another user to the default profile.

To change the profile select Configuration > Gateway Settings in the Gateway Configuration page. There you can change the System Authentication Profile and adjust the roles allowed for each section.

To add another user to the default role select Security > Authentication on the left. Click Manage Users on the default profile. Click Create new User and attach them to the Administrator role.

Hope this helps.

Thats brilliant,

thanks for the help.