Read Only/Read-Write Status of Tags In Scripting

Does anyone know if there’s a way to use the current Read-Only/Read-Write access of a tag during runtime in scripting when using permissions? I know that you can use the .AccessRights parameter, but when using permissions that just displays “Custom”.

What we’re doing is setting up tags with different permissions based on the current user role and security zone (For example, on a certain tag, role Engineer in Zone 1 can do Read/Write, role Operator in Zone 1 can do Read Only). What we’d like to be able to do is change button functionality/appearance based on the current rights on the tag. For example, if a tag is currently read only because of the current users permissions, disable the input and gray out the input box. I know we could do it by looking at the roles/security zones directly, but if we could just look at the current tag permissions, it would be easier to make an update down the line (we wouldn’t have to go back to everywhere there’s an input/display for a tag and change the scripting for the display and enable).

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It doesn’t look like tag permissions are available as an addressable property. You will have to look up the roles and security zones directly as you have already discovered.