Read Only Windows for a second user

I have a couple of mimics that can be accessed by a few users and was just wondering if there is a way of alarming the page so that if one person is working on it and another person comes on to it that they will be made aware that there is lready someone operating the said momic i.e. setting setpoints, turning on/off pumps etc. so as 2 people are not counter acting each others work. if it could be done as the second person would only be able to access it as a read only that would be just as good.

Sure, it can be done using a DB SQLTag. Create a DB SQLTag that is a string variable tag. Add an internalFrameActivated script to the window that writes the username (the one opening the window) to the DB SQLTag. That way if another person tries to open it and the tag is not an empty string you know it has already been opened. You also need to add an internalFrameClosed script that clears out the tag.