Read tag address and descriptions from Siemens PLC

With non browsable PLCs like Siemens normally you have to have a listing of tag addresses.

I heard an idea today that it’s possible to read the tag address and descriptions from a script in ignition and then create the OPCUA tags from that data.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?

It would mean essentially all you need is an IP address and a DB number.



In python,it’s OK.But you need a package like python-snap7.
ignition script is python, so I think it’s possible,but unnecessary.

You could certainly write a script that would read a tag export (or maybe even the programme file itself, I’m not that familiar with Siemens) from a Siemens programme and create the tags from that. I daresay you’d still have to rename them in Ignition though.
Is that what you mean?

I would create a little interface to select a tag export file, read it in and then process it and spit out tags. Either create the tags directly with system.tag.configure, or have a 2-step (or 7-step :rofl:) process by first listing the tags in a table copied to the clipboard, processing that table in Excel, then another script to convert that to json to import (or again use configure)