Read timed out - Failed to read Tags and devices with loss of connection


Currently our Ignition system has around 15 Devices registered and 70K Tags.

We are losing the connection with the Tags registered in Ignition.

We have already made a good separation of the Scanclass.

The machine performece is excellent and the network is ok.

We have 30GB of memory available.

Here are the logs with the failures:

Could it be some configuration from Device?

Would it be possible to see the errors in more detail?

are you losing connection continuously or periodically? The more information the better. Has the system operated well prior to any recent change or is this still in development? Which version of ignition, What kind of devices, how loaded are the devices, etc. I realize not the most helpful here, but this kind of information may aid others in helping you.


I’m continually losing connection;
The System is under development;
The Ignition version is 7.9.12;
Most Devices are allen bradley rockwell, the main ones are from the ControlLogix and CompactLogix family;

There are known bugs with the latest Logix firmwares (32 & 33, IIRC), particularly if the channel goes idle. Try with 7.9.18. (Be thinking about moving to v8.1, too, as 7.9.x is EOL in June.)

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