Read value from different context

Hi there!

I am trying to create a module that gathers data and returns it to an external user via a queue. I don’t have any local tags in my particular gateway context.

My other module works, and I can get the data via the following:

[code]OPCManager manager = context.getOPCManager();

BasicServerNodeId node = new BasicServerNodeId(“Ignition OPC-UA Server”,"[Test Device]TestData/Counters/CounterTest");
List points = new ArrayList();

List values =;[/code]

This returns data. The path that I used matches the path in the Quick OPC client, and the data value and quality match as well.

However, I think it would be much more efficient to subscribe to the data since I need to pass it on every 30 seconds or so. I used the TagPathParser and then tried to create a SubscribableNode using the path. But it can’t seem to find the point this way. I’ve tried a variety of point paths. I also looked up what the path looks like as a SubscribableNode in the ScanClass using the Eclipse debugger. I’m sure I’m missing something here.

The path in the Designer looks like
± Devices
± Test Device
± TestData
+ Counters
± CounterTest

Thank you!